Welcome the Docker Guide for Coti Nodes. This guide is aimed at node operators who are not necessarily familiar with Docker, but who may be curious and want to learn more. It tries to explain why using Docker could be a beneficial way to run a Coti node, and gives all of the guidance needed to understand how to run and maintain a Coti node using Docker.

If you're curious about how Docker works, or why Docker could be a useful way to run your node, check the Why Docker? page.

How this guide is structured

  1. The Basics

    1. Whoami? (A simple Docker example)

  2. Reference

What if I’m already familiar with Docker?

If you’re already familiar with Docker, this guide could still be useful to you. In this case, I suggest either of the following two options:

  1. Skip the basics section and follow the Installing the Coti node section to launch the Coti Node.

  2. Go straight to the GitHub repository, which has its own guide and all the files you need to get started.

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